Because of the current crisis, the telemedicine market is one of the most prospective and booming. Its value is driven by the pressure of the overload of the healthcare system. The implementation of telemedicine solutions, in the opinion of many experts, investors and politicians is a crucial direction of development. These changes not only apply to Poland but relate to global patient’s needs.

Could telemedicine develop faster?

In spite of awareness of the seriousness associated with the necessity of telemedicine implementation, according to many observers, it is still developing too poor.

The main problem is the lack of funds and interdisciplinary, which requires the cooperation of specialists from extremely different fields, not only those related to medicine.

The problem was solved by the founders of the International Accelerator of Telemedicine Technologies – an entity that aims at support, commercialize, combine and improve telemedicine products and services. The accelerator was established in May 2019 as a company formed by persons previously sitting on the board of Polish Society of Telemedicine and E-Health, i.e. a scientific association that has been active for over a decade, and the Polish Institute of Medical Experts Sp. z o.o. – a company issuing medical opinions on the request of Polish courts.

The Accelerator’s goals are to use the potential of software dedicated to healthcare. One of them is the planned application and the MediHash platform, which uses artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to contact medical facilities and demonstrate the likelihood of potential illness. The idea prized first place in the “Best Start” category at the International Finance World Expo, which took place at the beginning of last year in Switzerland.

Cryptocurrencies as a tool to support telemedicine

Another bold move is the usage of cryptocurrencies in the project. In the coming days, the company will start issuing its own cryptocurrency on the international Latoken exchange in order to outreach for funds to implement innovative solutions. The issue received a positive decision of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority regarding compliance with Polish law and won the competition for the best project directly on the Latoken exchange.

The company’s president, Adam Mucha, claims that they also deal with conventional products, including those that can help in the fight against the pandemic, and the tokenization of funds themselves will be used as own contribution to projects supported by the European Union, as part of competitions for research and development.

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